Frequently Asked Questions

How many travelers does the price of $220 cover?

The price covers up to 4 travelers. An additional price of $30 per additional person is required for larger groups.

What do I get for the quoted price?

You will receive at least 30 edited digital photos per hour of shooting. This does not include travel time if the shoot is in multiple locations in the city or country. You will receive the photos within 5 business days. The exception is Iceland where you will receive the photos of 1-4 hour photo shoots in 1 week and 5-10 hour photo shoots in 2-3 weeks.

Can we advertise your photos on our website?

Photos by Dovetail Experience and our photographers are not to be advertised on your website unless we provide you materials to use for the purpose and give you permission to use the photos.

Do we own the images?

Dovetail Experience maintains the copyright to the photos.

How do we explain this service to our customers?

You can let them know that you have access to a worldwide group of photographers who can provide vacation and wedding photography. You are arranging the service in their behalf and they only have to deal with you directly.

I am a wedding planner or photographer. How does this service fit my business plan?

You have couples who are likely going on a honeymoon in a location outside of your business location. You can arrange their honeymoon, engagement, or pre-wedding photo shoot so that they have high-quality photos from beginning to end of their wedding experience.

How do I know if the photographer does good work?

You can see examples of the photographer’s work so that you can judge if you feel comfortable with the quality of their work to use their services for your customers.

Can I get a discount for bundling a package of hours to use for multiple customers?

Yes. Contact us for special rates for bundled packages.

What is the cancellation policy?

Dovetail Experience shall reserve the time and date agreed upon. Half of the deposit is non-refundable when cancelled prior to 14 days before the scheduled photo shoot. No refunds will be provided for photo shoots that are cancelled within 14 days of scheduled date. If your customers need to reschedule their shoot, then we will make every effort to find another time to complete the photo shoot during their trip.

Do you have any suggestions for when to schedule the shoot for our customer’s trip?

We suggest that you do not book the shoot on the day your customer is arriving or the day they are leaving.

What if there is a destination that I need is not listed?

If you tell us about a location you need at least 2 months in advance, then we will vet, secure and show you the work of the photographer prior to the photo shoot.