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Dovetail Experience for Businesses

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Dovetail Experience is a vacation photography business designed to be utilized by travel agents, wedding photographers, wedding planners, and travel groups who need talented photographers located at their client’s international vacation destinations. We will take high-quality photo shoots for your clients, we only work behind the scenes so you get all the credit for organizing the perfect experience, and your business earns a sizeable income.

Why sign up?


1. Increase Revenue

Our rates are much lower than market price. You can charge your client’s a reasonable rate and still earn ~$100/hour for no extra work on your part. This addition to your services will significantly increase your monthly revenue.  The subscription fee is so low that you can earn back your year’s subscription with almost a couple hours of service.

2. Build Your Reputation

Build the reputation of your business brand to differentiate your company from competitors.  Our business model is new and innovative to support you in developing an advantage over your competitors. Adding vacation photography will expand your reach and exposure.

3. Meet Your Client’s Needs

Meet the needs of your clientele who live on social media and the millennial traveler who requires perfect photos for their vacation experience. You want them to think of you when they reflect on their memories preserved in their photos. We work quietly behind the scenes so you get the recognition.

4. Create Memories

A huge part of a business reputation is creating a lasting, positive experience. Your clients will have high-quality photos to remember working with you, which increases your client retention and loyalty.

5. Extend Relationships

For wedding planners and wedding photographers, you invest a significant amount of money marketing to one-time customers, but your business relationship is limited by proximity. Arranging a honeymoon or engagement photo shoot extends your business relationship with established customers.

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How It Works

Your Market Opportunity

You have customers who are traveling to international destinations for a vacation, honeymoon, destination wedding, engagement trip, or babymoon.

Our Product

We have a collection of local, high-quality photographers at over 60 major international destinations.

Our Product Becomes Your Product

You advertise to your clients that you have access to a worldwide network of photographers and can arrange a photo shoot for their next trip at any of our destinations.

Affordable Access to Great Rates

You subscribe to our service for a $19.99 monthly fee to have access to our discounted flat rate of $220/hour for any destination, and then you can charge your clients a rate that fits your business model.* You will receive at least 30 edited digital photos per hour within 5 business days.**

Added Value for Your Business

The market rate for a vacation photographer is $350/hour, so if you only charged $320 per hour, you would make $100 per hour of shooting for each client without having to do any work, except for including the vacation photo shoot in their package.

Extra Perks

Subscribe now and when you refer other businesses who subscribe to our service, we discount 3 months off of your year’s subscription fee. Bonus: You will receive one free hour for every 10 hours you book in a year.

*Rate is for 4 individuals or less. Excludes Iceland and wedding photography.
**Excludes Iceland and wedding photography.

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